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Are ads allowed on Oculus Quest games?

AtomicJoeAtomicJoe Posts: 1
I was looking at "frameplay" way of advertising (inserting internet served ads as physical billboards into your game's world like real billboards on real life)
Since the player can walk in the street on my game, having billboard ads with real ads wouldn't be an issue for the player and would be great to get extra revenue.
I haven't read anything against ads on the developer guide.
Is it ok to put real billboard ads served through the internet inside my game's world?
Thanks :)


  • Kev1970Kev1970 Posts: 31 Oculus Start Member
    I don't know the answer but the concept sounds interesting and I'd be surprised if there was some reason this wasn't allowed by Oculus as long as all other requirements regarding content, data collection and performance were met.
  • wirelitesoft.devwirelitesoft.dev Posts: 162 Oculus Start Member
    edited March 30
    well for one you can't get access to oculus quest store unless you upload a completed game design document listing all the features for it. I'd start there before you get too deep into development as your game may never make it into consideration. i'm not saying it can't just saying alot of games are being denied etc.
    your game is going to have to meet some super high quality standards to make it on quest.
    concept and art and playability etc.

    You can upload your PITCH to oculus at the following link to see if your game WILL make it onto oculus quest.



        For now If i was you i would focus on a RIFT or RIFT s version of the game so that you can get it into A market ASAP to see how well your game will do. then once numbers are in and money is there it will increase your chances
    if the game does well in rift stores etc. this is mine and oculus Staff recommendation. I'm quoting staff that i have asked these questions when i say staff recommends rift development first.

    for now I recommend signing up as an oculus START member that can get you access to a RIFT headset and other unique items to make development faster. you can sign up at the following link.

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