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App getting Crash at First time after Install in Quest

O_DO_D Posts: 6

I have exported my project for Oculus Quest from unity.
After installing an APK to Quest, if i open application was not opening, its taking so much time and then its showing some message and crashed.
If i open 2nd or 3rd time application is getting open.
I have no idea why its happening, cant find the log file also to check this issue.

Can anyone please tell me why this happening?


  • SchnittbrotSchnittbrot Posts: 3
    For me this also happens.
    I do think that it has something to do with non-granted permissions, as the crash only stops happening after allowing the app to access device storage. After granting the permission it crashes and boots up fine after that.
  • O_DO_D Posts: 6
    where can i check the access permission ?
    In unity also i have given all the access.
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