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Objects return to hands - OVR Grabbable

nickfeffnickfeff Posts: 1
Not sure why this is happening, but as the title states, after dropping *some* of my OVRGrabbable objects, they *sometimes* return to my hand (using the Custom Hands prefabs) as soon as I close it again. I've disabled offhand grab, distance grab, and I've made sure this isn't a collider issue either. It seems not to happen when I have Snap Position and Snap Orientation off, but I need to snap my objects to the proper spot in the hand. I'm not sure why these bools would cause the object to appear in the hand again anyways. Any thoughts?

I'm using Unity 2019.2.0b6 and Oculus version 1.42, building on an Oculus Quest. I've replicated this problem in older versions of Unity and Oculus. 
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