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Unity VR Tutorial Grabbing Bug

FlayffFlayff Posts: 2
Hello, I am kinda new here, so I hope I don't do anything wrong.

I am currently working on a VR Game and doing the first steps with the 23 hours Unity - Oculus Tutorial: Design, Develop, and Deploy in VR.
I am right now in Unit 5.4 and have a Bug I am not able to fix. The problem is: I can't find any information about this, so my Amateur ass can't find a workaround.

The Bug: In Unit 5.4 they try to teach us to use Rigidbody, so a grabbed Object can interact with other objects in the "physical correct way".
To do this I turn the in the script "Grab Interactable Follow Action" the "Follow Tracking" Parameter from "Follow Transform" to "Follow Rigidbody".

Due to this change, whenever I grab the object it just completly "freaks out". Rotating and moving around the hand in an extreme speed, like it's bugged inside the hand maybe?

Has anybody any ideas, the same problem, or workarounds?

Thanks for your help!


  • Mr_M0nster1966Mr_M0nster1966 Posts: 1
    Were you able to figure this out?
    Can you provide a link to the Tutorial?
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