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Running an app on Oculus Quest from Unity Editor without rebuilding

Hello everyone,
I've seen in various tutorials people run their apps on the Oculus Quest device by simply pressing the play button in the Unity editor.
When I do this, the app plays inside the editor, but not on the headset. I have to build and install the apk every time I want to test my app, which is very time consuming. 
Does anyone know how to enable this option?

Thanks in advance.


  • AyhanRoutineAyhanRoutine Posts: 2
    When you just make script changes, you can use the patch and run functionality inside unity which is a lot faster than build and run. But if you have scene changes as well you have to build and run to deploy it on the device.

    Another thing you could try is to use oculus link. I think that way you can play it via the editor, but only on windows.
    Dilmer Valecillos has a tutorial for it, but I cant post it here because of restrictions to my account :D
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