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Learning and implementing VR solutions - General guidance

6a61796a6179 Posts: 3
Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well.

I'm new to these forums and I have been looking for a few days about implementing a VR pointer for the Oculus Go in order to simply interact (point and select) objects. There appears to be a few different options (as always in programming) and some of these include YouTube tutorials, adding in pre-made code (scripts, prefabs, etc) or I suppose reading the SDK and trying to figure it out that 

Someone posted a link via another forum posting: easy-controller-selection (apologies i cannot post links yet as I'm new to these forums) which looks great, however I don't want to necessarily add pre-made code if I don't fully understand it.

Can someone maybe help with some guidance for approaching anything VR-related when building VR solutions for Oculus headsets? Thanks very much!

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