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In 3 years I have not found single Game Kit for VR with any Enemies, AI or Pickup'able weapons!

Woody3DWoody3D Posts: 60
Hiro Protagonist
DOES it even exist?  I have spent to almost $1,000- on 'game kits' but have never gotten a lick of help from any of them in this regard.   With none of them have I been able to 'insert' a VR pawn,  turn any weapon BP into a VR PICK UP item and FIRE IT and have the NPC bot die,. 

 (I literally just need a GUN I can PICK UP and FIRE at an ENEMY that then DIES.   then rest I can reverse engineer like everything in my career! :) 

Anythin like that on Github or Free?  Did the Oculus Bullet train FIZZLE and never even made available to learn from??



  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 996
    if you've been waiting 3 years for someone else to do this maybe its time you learn how for yourself?
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