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Open Oculus Quest application from Oculus Browser (deep link)

I'd like to use deep linking (or what one could call custom URI scheme or custom application Protocol) from the Oculus Browser to open my Oculus Unity application.
Here's what the doc states about deep linking:

Apparently another developer attempted to do that on Oculus Go unsuccessfuly, because the Oculus Browser blocks the deep link opening:

Here's what Unity doc states about deep lin on Android:

And it seems it gets blocked on Oculus Quest Web Browser.
Anyone already achieved this with succes ? If it's not supported by the Oculus Web browser, could this be supported in a near future please?

N.B: sorry for the screen captures instead of code paste but the code contains URLs and I'm not allowed to post URLs on the forum
Here's what I can see in the "Android Device Monitor" Log when I click a link hosted on :

Here is the application AndroidManifest.xml from the Android exported gradle project from Unity:

android:name="com.vizua.launcher.UnityPlayerActivity" is the right Activity path and matches the "Player Settings > Others Settings > Identification > Package Nale" in Unity.


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