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Recentering Woes (Center changes; freeze on reset view so recenter is not possible in the app)

jstarrdewarjstarrdewar Posts: 26
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Our users have been complaining about a couple of recentering issues lately. One is that occasionally, if you have the home menu positioned correctly, when you launch the app the floor suddenly gets lowered by several feet, necessitating a manual recenter command. The problem with this is some users don't know how to recenter, and others don't recognize that the floor is lower and blame the app. This seems like an OS or Unity level bug; if we aren't going to be given manual control over recentering (according to then this bug needs to be addressed. I see this on my personal Quest fairly often.

Another issue is that on a few people's Quests (and I have observed personally) is that when you attempt to recenter, rendering freezes and timewarp kicks in for a few seconds. When things come back to normal, the recenter hasn't happened. The only way to get it to recenter is to fully quit the app, recenter in main menu and restart the app. Restarting the entire Quest generally fixes this bad behavior, although I've heard from one of my teammates that it does occasionally come back.

Here are two reddit threads confirming others have experienced the problem:


  • carrotstiencarrotstien Posts: 17
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    you can implement recentering yourself. In fact, we have decoupled our recentering from the system, because it was causing various issue. 
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