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Please help related to STEAM VR enabled build to be uploaded in Oculus dashboard

yftindiayftindia Posts: 5 Oculus Start Member
Hello Everyone
Please help related to STEAM VR plugin enabled in our game. Its running smoothly in my system, but when i try to upload, it gives some error related to open vr. Is there any way to upload the build with steam vr plugin enabled. We have developed game using Unity3d . Currently we are releasing this game for Oculus rift and rift s. 

Please help urgently.


  • EanirEanir Posts: 10 Oculus Start Member
    Your project can't contain anything steam related. I'm not familiar with unity, but you need need to create another build without the steam dll's or setup a guard logic in your project to be able to upload it to the oculus store.
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