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VR and Non VR android crossplatform applications with Oculus SDK

saravana_vinssaravana_vins Posts: 21
Brain Burst
Hi All,
        We are developing multiplayer VR application using oculus SDK in unity editor, But Non VR android also our target platform. 
When we build our application as Non VR(VR disabled),It is still opening in VR mode. I think Oculus SDK forces the application to render in VR mode only. We want to open in Non VR mode as well as. Please help us to achieve this Or let us know the feasibility of NonVR android Apk with Oculus SDK.

Version Details:
Unity Editor : 2019.3.3f1
Oculus SDK : 1.28.0

Thanks in advance.



  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 996
    When building for android are you removing the VR sdk's from the player settings?
    You're using a very old version of the sdk so that could also be causing problems 
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