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Approving stuck for 2+ weeks...

dukselduksel Posts: 1
Hi. I send my application 17 days ago for approval. After 3 days I saw that someone from approving team open applications and completes some levels in-game (by logs). After that 2 weeks, the game stuck in "Under review by Oculus" status, and nothing change. Even I cannot cancel approval or re-submit it again.

I try to find a link on the support page, but there is not direction form to support/approve the team.
This is my 2nd application. For my first app, I got a response in a few days after I submitted it.
Have anyone the same problem and how to solve it?



    Same problem here. Submitted a month ago, still nothing heard yet
  • lukinmalukinma Posts: 2
    Hey, did you got any responce? How long was that approve were?
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