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Does the Rift S replacement headband include the built-in speakers?

Can anyone confirm if this replacement headband for the Rift-S on the Oculus site includes the built-in speakers and cable that terminates to 3.5mm and connects to the Rift S?


  • SoularitySoundSoularitySound Posts: 4
    I am looking to directly connect this to Pro Tools to QC a mix using FB360 in real-time.

    Can anyone confirm if there is a software EQ curve applied to the audio on the Oculus before being sent to the speakers in the headband?
  • SoularitySoundSoularitySound Posts: 4
    Last question. Would be grateful if anyone can confirm. What is the pinout for the 2.5mm TRRS from the headset to the headband? Is it a shared ground using typical TRRS CTIA or OMTP or custom discrete L, L ground, R, R ground?
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