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Black lines and flashing screen

hanlidhanlid Posts: 2
While working on a new update for our game Wands, we stumbled upon this new bug on Quest where the screen flickers and black lines appear on screen. I would share a video but apparently I can't post links yet.

Due to a tight schedule I figured I might ask here if anyone has ever encountered an issue like this before and if you have any solutions for it.
Since the last update to Wands we've switched to Il2CPP and Arm64 architecture, we're developing in Unity 2017 (LTS) with OVRPlugin version 1.48.

Attached is a log from the encounter.

Thank you!
log.txt 449.7K


  • en-austinen-austin Posts: 19 Oculus Start Member
    edited June 15
    Hi there.
    We're on Unreal developing a multiplayer game for Quest and while I can't say I've observed the screen flicker with black lines, we have seen our share of rendering artifacts and odd crashes in our render thread.

    From your log, it looks like your application terminates pretty early on around line 115:

    06-13 17:46:16.813  1072  1508 I WindowManager: WIN DEATH: Window{b89844c u0 com.CortopiaStudios.Wands/com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerActivity}

    Some general thoughts from my previous debugging on Quest of our application:

    - Being on Unity 2017, I'm assuming you're on the OpenGL driver as opposed to Vulkan. Prior to Quest OS v17, we generally saw more rendering problems with Vulkan that forced us to switch back to OpenGL shortly before a milestone. Since v17 we've been on Vulkan without issue.

    - Are there any Quest optimizations that you can disable? I frequently disable FFR as a first step to narrowing down rendering bugs.

    - Can you connect RenderDoc to your application when the problem occurs? I'm curious if the game is submitting bad render data or if there is a deeper issue at the OS or hardware level.

    - If your game uses Oculus multiplayer functionality, what is your send rate like? I was observing random crashes (sometimes originating in the render thread) when trying to push a bunch of data through a rate-limited connection (I used my cell phone as a wifi hotspot to mimic low bandwidth/high latency).

    Best of luck! I wouldn't mind taking another look if you have any more information to share.

  • hanlidhanlid Posts: 2
    Apparently it's an issue with Unity applications on Quest and it's on Oculus and their partners to figure out a solution.
    I appreciate your swift input though en-austin, thanks a bunch!
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