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Oculus Platform Command Line not working on Mac

iGerbiliGerbil Posts: 13
Brain Burst
I downloaded the Mac version of Oculus CL but can't get it working (still can't understand why the heck you need this to upload APKs larger than 200Mb, we're supposed to be in 2020) 
What is the .dms file? It's supposed to be an Amiga file....
Tried to change it to .rar and I can unrar it, getting a bunch of useless binary files (like __TEXT__const or __LINKEDIT). 
Then followed the instructions found here but nope, keep getting the message "“ovr-platform-util.dms” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified." then Terminal reports "Killed: 9".
Is there a way to use this utility on a Mac? Wouldn't a web upload for larger files make user's life much simpler?
Will be very grateful is someone could point me in the right direction to use this thing......


  • esaruohoesaruoho Posts: 2
    I'm actually seeing this same issue on the Terminal after installing Rar via Homebrew. The solution seems to be.. ..

    $ which rar
    which tells me the location of rar is in /usr/local/bin -> I go to that folder on Terminal, then open Finder to that folder (open .), see that rar is actually a symbolic link. I right-click on the symbolic link, select "Show Original". And then ctrl-click on rar and select Open. I'm now prompted with a "are you sure".. and after replying with affirmative, "Open".. I go to Terminal and rar now works.

    Hope that somehow helps. 
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