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Will Oculus Go developers be able to push updates to release channels after it is discontinued?

dylan.walchdylan.walch Posts: 3
edited June 23 in Oculus Go Development
Our team supports contracts to clients that own their own Oculus Go headsets for training. It was unclear in the announcement of discontinuing the headset if developers will be able to release updates to the Go headsets through the release channels that are not on the store. We manage updates to multiple different apps through these release channels that are private in between us and the end client.

Do you know if all updates to apps (including ones in private release channels) will be blocked on December 4th?
This is an urgent question for our team.

Thank you for your support.


  • varidrixvaridrix Posts: 1
    We are having the same question. Will it still be possible to update apps by using the private release channels? 
  • matheus.fantazmmatheus.fantazm Posts: 4
    We have the same question. We have clients on yearly contracts that purchased Oculus Go as recent as 2 weeks ago and we need to be able to keep supporting them. Yesterday's news was a surprise to us.
  • dylan.walchdylan.walch Posts: 3
    edited July 2
    @varidrix & @matheus.fantazm
    After a long time of waiting and having a very difficult time reaching Oculus Support they have confirmed that no apps (including the ones managed in release channels) will be able to receive updates on the Oculus Go platform...
    Best of luck. We all need it.
  • matheus.fantazmmatheus.fantazm Posts: 4
    I think this sends a clear message to customers and developers that Oculus can kill any device in less than 6 months. It's time to look for other alternatives, there's no way we will stick to Oculus as our primary headset anymore.
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