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DllNotFoundException: OculusXRPlugin

westphal-oliverwestphal-oliver Posts: 1
I'm have a problem on running my game right from Unity on my linked Oculus Quest.
When I'm hitting the Play-Button I get the following Error:

DllNotFoundException: OculusXRPlugin
Unity.XR.Oculus.OculusLoader.Initialize () (at Library/PackageCache/[email protected]/Runtime/OculusLoader.cs:103)
UnityEngine.XR.Management.XRManagerSettings.InitializeLoaderSync () (at Library/PackageCache/[email protected]/Runtime/XRManagerSettings.cs:169)
UnityEngine.XR.Management.XRGeneralSettings.InitXRSDK () (at Library/PackageCache/[email protected]/Runtime/XRGeneralSettings.cs:175)
UnityEngine.XR.Management.XRGeneralSettings.AttemptInitializeXRSDKOnLoad () (at Library/PackageCache/[email protected]/Runtime/XRGeneralSettings.cs:148)

But when I'm looking into my Library/PackageCache/[email protected]/Runtime/x64 the OculusXRPlugin.dll is there.

I'm using:
MacOS 10.15.5
Unity 2019.4.01f
OculusXRPlugin 1.3.4 (but already tried the 1.3.1, 1.3.3 and 1.4.0) 
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