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Cannot find documentation for Oculus XR extensions

LukeRossLukeRoss Posts: 130
edited June 30 in OpenXR Development
Hi guys!
The Oculus runtime for PC (version 1.49.0) appears to implement the following OpenXR extensions:
Name=XR_OCULUS_recenter_event SpecVersion=1
Name=XR_OCULUS_ovrsession_handle SpecVersion=1
Name=XR_OCULUS_perf_stats SpecVersion=1
Name=XR_OCULUS_audio_device_guid SpecVersion=1
However, I cannot find any information anywhere (on the Web, in files within the C:\Program Files\Oculus folder, ...) on how to use them. Is there any document or header file, even in preliminary/draft state, that could shed some light on the matter?
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