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Difference between Consumer and Business Quest?

Hi all,

I am currently working on an app for a client but seems like the APK has not the same behaviour in Consumer and Business models. I was wondering if the Unity input can be affected? The other possibility that could prevent the business model to work correctly can be due to it's time settings, the app allows the user to go through it until a certain date, how can I check if that is an issue?

Thank you


  • ArrowMaster1252ArrowMaster1252 Posts: 3
    There are no hardware differences between consumer edition and enterprise edition devices. However, consumer edition devices are subject to the consumer Terms of Service which grant a right to use the software solely for personal and noncommercial purposes, while the enterprise edition devices are subject to the Enterprise Use Agreement which grant a right to use the applicable software for commercial purposes in your Commercial Organization. Further, Oculus Quest is enabled for our end-to-end Oculus for Business solution). The in-headset software in Oculus Quest is different from the in-headset software in our consumer edition devices.

    Copied from oculus main homepage. So there is a difference. I think. I dunno but this might help.

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