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[help] Oculus Quest and Linear Color?

tobitokamaktobitokamak Posts: 2
edited July 8 in Unity Development
Hi! hope you're all well.
When exporting my Unity URP project to the Quest and running it on the headset, the gamma is fucked up. Everything looks darker and saturated, while the Windows build and the previz through Link render as expected.
The thing is, when I started this project, the early builds would sometimes display the correct gamma (sometimes it would take a few app restarts), while now it's always stuck with the wrong one.
Has this happened to you? I found some old posts about a similar issue with Unity + GearVR and it seemed to be an Android thing, but the official Oculus recommendations say explicitly to use Linear Color, and so does every 'setup' tutorial video I've found.
I'd appreciate any input, I've already asked Reddit without success.


  • AA-MattAA-Matt Posts: 4
    I think I have been encountering the same issue. I have tried using URP linear space, built-in renderpipeline gamma space, and built-in linear space. All of them render colors as darker and more saturated than plugging in a quest to a PC. While the issue can be seen with an unlit texture (beige color most noticable as it turns red), it seems to compound with lightprobes. I remember at some point on the project everything rendering properly but thought I must have been misremembering.. but now after hearing you had that happen as well makes me think maybe it was working.
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