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Disable Developer Mode

chicken_nugget18chicken_nugget18 Posts: 1
Hello everyone! I recently got a new Oculus Quest and I am in love with it. I enabled developer mode to get rid of the guardian, but now I want to disable it because I want to use Oculus Link with my PC. However, I hear that developer mode makes it so that Oculus Link doesn't work. I tried to disable developer mode with the Oculus app on my phone and I unticked the switch, but when I did, nothing happened on my Quest. I tried a factory reset, but that did not work. So, because of this I have two questions. First, does Oculus Link work with Developer Mode on? I'm just curious because maybe this is not the issue. Second, How do I disable developer mode? I want to figure out what's going wrong so I can fix it. Thank you for the support!
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