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Distribute dev build to Quest and Go?

dakomdakom Posts: 8
Brain Burst
I've successfully published my app to the Go, and I can see the app in Developer Feed on the Quest - but how do I actually _play_ it simultaneously on the Quest and Go?

Specifically - I'd imagine that maybe the reason it doesn't show on the Quest is due to V2 signing? or maybe needing headtracking enabled?

Assuming that's the case... since there is no dedicated Quest release platform, how do people do this? I don't mind having the same exact build (e.g. just 3dof on the Quest), just want to be able to actually find it in my library and play it on both headsets!

I'm building in Unity, but I do the signing as an external step (via `jarsigner` currently... I suppose I need to switch to `apksigner` to do V2 signing?)

Not talking about Store distribution, this is specifically for development or internal team stuff only. Thanks!


  • Heaney-555Heaney-555 Posts: 134
    Open the 'Unknown Sources' section of your Library on Quest.
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