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More then one OVR cameraRig

Hello All,

i´m trying to develop a VR based multiplayer app. i'm using Oculus quest and PUN2 for this.
mz question is: is it possible to implement more than one OVRCameraRigs in oculus quest?
the app is working perfectly with single player but hands are not getting synch in multiplayer scene.


  • JeffNikJeffNik Posts: 159
    edited July 23
    You shouldn't have to have more than 1 OVRCameraRig on any running instance of the game. The synchronization should be done with a PhotonTransformView (not sure this the actual name, but something like it) script. After network instantiation, attach the OVRCameraRig only on the LOCAL players GameObject. Make sense? Let me know if you want it, and I'll create a quick basic scene for you.

  • mahmoodulhassan60mahmoodulhassan60 Posts: 3
    Hello JeffNik,
    Thanks for the answer. it will be very helpful if you create a quick basic scene room for the oculus quest environment.

    Thank you
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