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Is the Oculus plugin for Unity required for Oculus Rift submission?

PcubedVRPcubedVR Posts: 4
Sorry for the noob question. Our game runs the Oculus runtime just fine without the Unity plugin. But the VRC validator fails :(. Do we really need to add the Unity plugin just for VRC validation? Thanks.


  • beep2bleepbeep2bleep Posts: 53 Oculus Start Member
    AFAIK no it doesn't, I'd contact support directly.  Otherwise just add it into the files and don't use it.

    Oculus seems to unzip and look for certain things (like SteamVR.DLL is NOT included) so they might have the same thing for their plugin.  They probably won't run the game and look for the plugin itself.
  • PcubedVRPcubedVR Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply. I did add it and not use it except for the entitlement check. FYI, I had to delete all the shaders due to "too many shader keywords" error. 
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