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Virtuallink dialog conflicts with USB Authorize PC dialog

I'm running software version 231192671 on my Quest.
When I enable developer mode (from iPhone) and connect the Quest to a PC, it flashes the dialog that is supposed to ask me to trust the PC with USB fingerprint xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, then that dialog get's overwritten by the dialog asking me if I want to enable virtuallink.
I cannot figure out how to get back that "Trust this PC" dialog, and as a consequence, I believe, Unity is failing when trying to push a build to my headset.
Previously, I was able to answer that dialog and check the "always trust this PC" checkbox, but after a factory reset I've never been able to again, so I'm unable to publish to the headset now from Unity.
Any thoughts on how to get that dialog back would be much appreciated as I'm kinda stuck now.


  • TonycowanTonycowan Posts: 3
    Ok, I solved it by uninstalling the Oculus PC app, turning on developer mode, answering the dialog, then reinstalling the Oculus PC app. I believe this is a race condition that the Oculus team didn't think through. Once the Oculus PC app is installed, it will register itself as a handler for the Quest connection event, and when it handles that event, it will immediately tell the Quest to stop what it's doing and display the "do you want to use virtuallink" dialog, which in turn closes the "do you want to trust this PC" dialog, and there appears to be no way around it while that PC app is installed.
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