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Unreal Oculus quest 4.24 to 4.25

OoKushoOOoKushoO Posts: 2
Hey guys, we have project on 4.24 and i have recently being upgrading this to 4.25 and It builds successfully, but crashes immediately, when i open the App.

I have done most of the settings that people have suggested.
- Disabled splash screen
- Min Api = 11 and Max API = 28
- OpenGl ES3.1 No Vulkan, as it is not working for me not sure why.
- Mobile HDR disabled.
-Instanced Strereo Disabled,
- Mobile Multi View Disabled.

A/libc(6691): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0xc in tid 6710 (Thread-2)

This is the starting of the crash.
I have also attached the log file here, please help!!


  • twistedpixel_bobtwistedpixel_bob Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    what is your android NDK API level and SDK API level?  I think the NDK needs to be 'android-21' and the SDK 'android-25'
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