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How should I go about this part of my project?

So I've had long sessions within my VR headset, I'm sure most of us have. When I'm in these long sessions, I don't like taking off my headset and putting it back on to do many things. So far I could do pretty much everything I needed to except use the bathroom and read phone notifications.

I can't really change the bathroom situation but I'm pretty sure I can fix the phone problem. So I made 2 c# applications, one for my phone and one for the PC, and got my phone to send notifications to my PC in real time. Heck if I really wanted to I could probably respond to messages. That's all fine and dandy but this leaves me sort of stuck.

I was curious if it was possible to run a background app within the Oculus software that can send in notifications, sort of like when you get trophies?

I don't want to result to just making it a windows form that uses the Oculus desktop, that's still sort of glitchy for me to the point where using the pullout can sometimes completely crash my headset.

I'm well aware of the work ahead of me, the app isn't polished yet but this is for personal use and even just having a desktop version for nonVR use is already amazing.

Any knowledge is appreciated very much.
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