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Enable Keyboard Overlay for Quest in Unity

laszlo.leberlaszlo.leber Posts: 13
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edited August 11 in Unity Development
Hey all!

I upgaded my Oculus integration in my Oculus Quest project to v19.1, and I would like to tryout the keyboard overlay in Unity.

So far I did the following steps in the project:

- Placed some InputField onto a Canvas
- Created the mechanism to be able to select the input fields in VR (with collider and raycast)
- enabled "focus aware", and set "Require system keyboard" on the OVR camera rig.
Unity version: 2019.4.5f1

When I click on the input field's collider, I manually call the focus on input field, but keyboard wont appear on the screen.

if (menuName == "ClickUsername") { this.GetComponent().ActivateInputField(); this.GetComponent().Select(); transform.GetChild(1).GetComponent().text = "inside"; transform.GetChild(2).GetComponent().text = "inside"; //overlayKeyboard = TouchScreenKeyboard.Open("", TouchScreenKeyboardType.Default); }
I tried with the TouchScreenKeyboard.Open as well.

Unfortunately it's not working in my scene, but it's not working with the official Oculus UI scene too (checkbox and other elements are working), however as you can see on my image, the inside text is appeared in the textboxes, so my onclick event works perfectly.

Thank you for your help!


  • laszlo.leberlaszlo.leber Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    So my question is, that how can I make it to work? :)
  • laszlo.leberlaszlo.leber Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    Today I implemented an own virtual keyboard but if anybody knows the solution how to use the built-in keyboard, share it please :)
  • shienashiena Posts: 16
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    Look here

    Maybe some flag wasn't enabled, so I restarted Oculus Quest and it's ready to be used.
  • Carolina_VRCarolina_VR Posts: 4
    I updated Oculus Integration in my project but can see these options: "Focus aware" and "Require system keyboard" on the OVR camera rig.
    Unity v.2019.2.11f1.

    How does it look for you guys?
  • shienashiena Posts: 16
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    Please switch to Android platform
  • CosmicStudCosmicStud Posts: 1
    Yes doesn't work for me either, but its probably due to my project not using the camera rig from Oculus integration, I use the Unity cross platform version. I call through scripting, it seems the input focus event is fired for the initial string but no keyboard appears. Prob needing the camera rig  :/
  • shienashiena Posts: 16
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    When I build the following project and focus InputFiled, the keyboard appeared.

    * Unity2019.4.14f
      scene: Assets/VR%20Examples/Scenes/UI Interaction.unity
    * without Oculus Integration
    * add oculus.software.overlay_keyboard feature to AndroidManifest.xml
      <uses-feature android:name="oculus.software.overlay_keyboard" android:required="false"/>
    * Quest Build 20.0 / Quest2 Build 23.0

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