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Another .... Low Performance Headroom

Hi guys, here from Argentina.

Recently i update my setup to AMD.  And im having issues with the Rift S. I try contact the Oculus support but is like a crazy talk with tips to fix my issue, and no one is working.

Motherboard: B550-F Wifi
CPU: Ryzen 3600x (stock) + H100i Pro XT Rgb
2 x SSD NVME (512 + 250gb)
DDR4 Gskill 3600 (3733 oc) 2x8gb
Asus Strix RTX 2080 Super
XFX 850w Black Edition

The issues is the jumping Headroom Performance... in the Oculus home is Stuck in 70% , but inmedatily in any game (Oculus or Steam) is lowered to 10/20/negative.

 Things i try

- Reinstall Nvidia Drivers/Install older drivers
- Nvidia Control Panel
- ASW On/Off
- Lower settings in the game
- Differents Usb (3.1 Gen2, 3.1 gen1, 3.0, 2.0) 
- Change my Energy Plan
- Reset the cables headset
- Change GPU usage, with regedit.
- Install the games in differents HDD

Im out of options ... the last thing i gonna try is install another version of windows. But is frustrating.

Alyx with all med and SS default, is jumping from 0 to 20 , and negative. 
Lone Echo (Oculus) with med and SS default , is more like 20 , with spikes of 0.

Is normal that performance with my setup? My fps always is locked at 80 without framedrops.

Thanks for the help
Later i update with a video.


  • bohemio00bohemio00 Posts: 2
    Something i notice .. is the GPU usage , never goes up to 60%, and the Cpu is lower like .. 40%

    In non vr games , is always about 90/95.
  • chrisogradychrisogrady Posts: 8
    Brain Burst
    edited September 11
    I have the same issue with an AMD 3950X and RTX 2080. I play War Thunder on Medium and I have crazy negative headroom performance spikes every second when moving my head. I created a support case and they "solved" it without even replying. I created a youtube video but apparently I'm not able to post links here yet: you will have to add https to this youtu.be/bjFpVshcMCI

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