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Games and apps for disabled people

WheelchairWarriorWheelchairWarrior Posts: 1
edited September 15 in Game Design
Hello, my name is Nathalie and I am a huge fan of the Oculus Quest and if I may say it saved my life. Since 2005 I have been running tests after tests and being treated like a guinea pig to finally a few months ago get a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and ME CFS ( Unrest documentary if interested) which are 2 illnesses that are not really known in the medicine field and are undergoing research. There is no cure and no known treatment up to this day. I lost my mobility a few years ago and suffer from excruciating pain 24/7. I love that you have games that we can play sitting which is great for me. I would like to know if it would be possible to have something like the thaichi app for people in wheelchair. I tried it but it’s to hard sitting. Also any types of games and apps that can reduce our anxiety and less agressive movements because if we try to work our muscles to hard we end up suffering for days with no possible relief of medication. I am taking the strongest pain killer and I still have a lot of pain every day. The travelling and colouring apps took my mind of my every day pain and anxiety and especially the fishing games to. I use to hunt and fish all the time before I became disabled. A hunting game would be also great. I can’t work or do anything I had passion for and was at a point of not seeing why I should continue because I had nothing left to do. And someone showed me the Oculus Quest and it brought back the light in my every day. It literally saved me. Thank you for an amazing product and please keep me updated if something else à disabled person can play with and will not suffer from after a long game session. I love you guys and continue in bringing joy and sunshine to people in need. We deserve to have fun in a way that can be possible because we still exist. Thank you and stay safe 

Eternal fan Wheelchair Warrior xoxoxox
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