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Quest 2 touch CAD files?

Andrewe1Andrewe1 Posts: 21
Brain Burst

With the previous generation, Oculus made the touch controller CAD files available to develop accessories here:

However, they haven't been updated with the new Quest 2 controllers. 

Does anybody know if they're available somewhere?



  • FinetimeFinetime Posts: 2
    edited October 20
    I am very patiently waiting for them to release the files. I reached out to them (support), but they did not give me an answer on when or if they will be releasing the files.
  • FinetimeFinetime Posts: 2
    Anybody have any updates on this? I can't seem to find the files anywhere. It sounds like they're leaving the accessory developers in the dust here since no word on this. Hopefully they come out with a release date at least.
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