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Unity - OVRCameraRig - With "Use Per Eye Cameras" enabled, depth and positional tracking are broken.

JoeTheWiltshireJoeTheWiltshire Posts: 3
edited October 14 in Unity Development
Hi all,
I have a unity scene with a mixture of regular geometry and background spheres: Left360 and Right360
The geometry is totally normal 3d scene geometry.
The background spheres are only seen by the left and right cameras respectively using culling layers in order to get the proper depth effect.

With "Use per eye cameras" disabled, I only have the option of seeing both together or one of them at a time.
With "Use per eye cameras" enabled the 360 spheres appear correctly but the positional tracking and IPD / fov / general depth and tracking are mega broken.

I am unable to find any combination of settings to fix the problem, surely I can't be the only person to require the use of mixed culling layers using a tracked oculus headset, has anyone else found a solution to this?

Cheers for any help,


  • JoeTheWiltshireJoeTheWiltshire Posts: 3
    Just an extra note - I have all plugins, utilities etc. updated to latest versions.
    I'm using the quest 2.
    Unity version 2019.3.14f1 - Regular 3d.
    Using new XR Plugin Management system.
  • JoeTheWiltshireJoeTheWiltshire Posts: 3
    Managed to get around the problem for my simple stereo360 setup via the attached shader, I think the customEditor doesn't exist which is why it shows the hidden parameters for "3DLayout" and "MirrorOnBack"
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