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Process finish when hit breakpoint remote debugging Oculus Quest 2

joseangelmtjoseangelmt Posts: 2
edited October 17 in Oculus Quest Development
I'm starting to play with Android Studio and Mobile SDK and Oculus Quest 2.

Everything is working correctly but when I start remote debugging any of the SDK samples in the device, when the debugger hits a breakpoint, after two or three seconds the process finishes and the debugging session closes.

The logcat pane shows something like this: Process 26768 exited due to signal 9 (Killed)
And the Debug pane shows something like this: Process finished with exit code 22

Is there a way to avoid the process to finish/exit when debugging the application?

Thanks in advance.


  • a-rsmitha-rsmith Posts: 1
    edited October 19
    FWIW, I'm seeing this too, along with programatic asserts using __builtin_trap().

    It's made debugging..... interesting.
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