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[QUEST 2] UE4 crashes when open level

FSkylineFSkyline Posts: 2
Hi people!  Today I finally got a Quest 2 device and we are experiencing some serious issues with when porting a project to this new hardware. 

We work with Unreal Engine 4 (v4.25.3) and with the Quest 1 everything was working great, but at the time to run the build in Quest 2 we found that using Open Level crashes the execution (using the console command  crashes too)

Is there any way to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!


  • NeoWintNeoWint Posts: 3
    edited October 17
    I am having the exact same issue currently, saw somewhere that disabling auto load splash screen might help but did not work for me. would love an answer for this as well.

    edit: why is it saying this post is answered? this is still an issue and NOT resolved for me
  • PiroKunPiroKun Posts: 6
    Brain Burst
    Are you using the handtracking pawn from handtracking demo? That pawn crashed my app on 2 but not on 1. I made another pawn (with default handtracking without custom mesh) and works again.
  • NeoWintNeoWint Posts: 3
    No, i did not enable any handtracking. I use the default motion controller that comes in the vr template. Builting for quest 1 works as it should but building on quest 2 crashes upon "open level" I found a few more people with the same problem as well. No solution yet unfortunately.
  • FSkylineFSkyline Posts: 2
    Hi! Thanks for your replies! As NeoWint, I'm using standard VR pawn from UE4.... Any help would be great in order to port our Quest 1 software to this new device...

    Thanks in advance!
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