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Android app not showing up when Unity project contains 'Oculus' folder

akodynakodyn Posts: 2
Hello, after developing a VR app in Oculus Quest and I repurpose the app to run on Android phone instead, while the Oculus Integration is still inside Unity directory (Oculus folder), no matter what I export and modify the Android Manifest file (intent.category.DEFAULT/INFO/LAUNCHER), the app doesn't show up in application list (App Drawer) in my android phone/tablet. In the end I have to remove the entire Oculus folder and magically it appears again. So, my question is, how to have the app icon shows up and I don't have to remove Oculus Integration folder. I believe there is a parameter somewhere that hide my app that was triggered automatically while Oculus folder is still inside Unity project directory.



  • davidisakdavidisak Posts: 1
    Hi! Did you find any solution to this? I am having the same issue.
  • lukass.dzalbslukass.dzalbs Posts: 1
    Hi, after long digging in Oculus package code I found this - OVRGraddleGeneration.cs Line 245 - Comment this line: OVRManifestPreprocessor.PatchAndroidManifest(file, enableSecurity: patchedSecurityConfig);
    Should work. Just remember to uncomment it after apk build.
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