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Oculus Developer Forum - Accessibility Development

MariKyle_OculusMariKyle_Oculus Posts: 1 Oculus Staff
edited November 11 in Accessibility Development

Hi there! Welcome to our discussion forum focused on accessible design in VR. Over the years we’ve been reading and learning from the Oculus developer and customer community about your needs in terms of accessible and inclusive content on the Oculus platform. We’ve created this forum discussion as a home for all developer conversations around accessibility.

Here, you can post your ideas, share your challenges, detail your needs, ask for feedback, and find others to test your applications and features.

We encourage all developers to create inclusive and accessible applications and try different things when it comes to building VR applications. We are still in the early days of building standards for accessible VR and are thrilled to see our developers implement interesting ideas and challenge themselves to solve difficult problems.

We at Oculus are excited to explore the frontier of accessible design through the inclusive VR worlds built by our community. Together, we can build VR apps that everyone can experience equally. 

Check out some of the resources below to learn more!


  • alejandrocastanalejandrocastan Posts: 8
    Brain Burst
    edited November 12
    I am very happy and excited with this new Accessibility guides for VR develop.
    I am building Rehabilitation Treatments by VR Games ( mainly with Oculus Quest 1 and 2) because VR will help people to improve their Health.
    In my case, I would like to ask you some things since I did not find more info about them..
    1- Diegetic UI offers to the players more inmersion, for it, Could you create some tutorial for developers to make it?
    2- Since you mentioned the voice imput as interaction method, Could you let me know what are the tools that Oculus offers to do it?
    3- Since that Quest( 1 and 2) controllers does not let to do each tracking fingers at the moment and you mention that Developers can accommodate by enabling these users to adjust the position of the virtual hand positions, for that reason, Could you let us to get some Unity projects to understand it better? Would it be possible?
    Thanks to offer us new tools to develop VR games for people with disabilties.
    Best Regards
  • korinVRkorinVR Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    Hi, I've noticed VRC.Quest.Accessibility.5 and VRC.Quest.Accessibility.9 have the same headlines ("Applications should enable people to edit their display settings such as brightness and contrast to accommodate their visual needs"), but the latter one might be incorrect.
    Katsuomi Kobayashi
    XVI Inc.
  • nighhmannighhman Posts: 5
    How about a way to develop vr games while on the quest.
    Sorry this is a bit long and seems to go off topic but I thought I'd explain that I sort of know what I'm talking about in the second paragraph.

    Hi. I bought a GO just over a year ago seems I'm in the realm of those who bought a Betamax in the 80's.

    I've done some programming and some interfacing in my time but only via the LPT Ports of older PC's which would melt at the site of a 3D Headset but where fine understanding the bare logic of 8 bit or clock and data pulsed logic, needles to say I learnt a lot from this.
    However, I only know how to interface using the very old VB6.
    I'm an electronics engineer with a T.V. Repair background so I used to potter about with the interfacing and programming in my spare time.

    I signed up and got the oculus SDK and the Unity stuff but it's as clear as mud.
    Even the ADB interface has never worked (from what I can work out).
    I decided to look into programming the headset to use as a "Free Look Mouse" in some games as I have problems using dual controllers due to a condition called Poland syndrome involving my right hand. (Please see photos).

    I have, however found a VR Plugin recently, which allows control through a third party controller (Hotas Flight Stick), or whatever controller you have setup through windows and steam which works great but I still think, all it is doing is simulating the role of a Free Look Mouse and a wireless display.?

    I would Possibly purchase a newer headset but I don't like it when these massive companies vaporise perfectly good hardware just to get more cash out of you.
    Plus it is unclear to me, whether or not these newer VR Headsets would work with a single controller, or at least a right hand controller with trigger only.?

    If anyone who knows how to then please help change dual control into single.?

    also voice interaction as mentioned in an earlier post seems to be locked away from doing a simple macro event of you saying "Pistol" or "Rifle", etc and having that voice input "Pressing" the relevant macro's key for the game or activity.

    the url to the PC to VR Plugin for the Go / Oculus range is
    (I Can't post links yet but please google)  polygraphene ALVR its on github and open source.

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