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App scene no longer loading

djlins3djlins3 Posts: 5
Brain Burst

I’m having trouble understanding what might be causing my Quest app to fail.


I have been adding things to one scene and building and testing and it is now at a point where it doesn’t load.

If I put it into SideQuest and run it the screen goes black. I don’t get the UNITY splash screen and the scene never loads.


My OVR Metrics tool shows this:

I have started the scene with all gameobjects inactive and it still wont load or initialise.


Does anybody know how I might be able to chase through the project and understand what might be causing this crash?

The single scene APK is under 500MB so I would think that would be okay?


Below is the metrics on the normal dashboard for comparison:

 Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can chase down what might be causing it to fall over now?






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