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Quest 2 Ethernet support post v23?

We are interested in conducting tests and connecting USB ethernet adapter to the Quest 2.
We came across a number of posts claiming Quest 2 v23 Update killed Ethernet support?
Could you possibly provide a work around as we are in the middle of our tests and would like to either roll back to v22 or find a solution.
Thank you


  • ptomptom Posts: 18
    Brain Burst
    Directly affected by this (was using Ethernet prior to the v23 firmware), interested in the response.

    The adapter is still recognized at least in part - the device-connection chime is emitted by the Quest 2, and an IP address is acquired via DHCP.  However, no traffic is routed over this connection, and shortly thereafter a device disconnect sound is often emitted as well.
  • HolyCityVRHolyCityVR Posts: 2
    Support and answers from Oculus would be appreciated 
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