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Help with login

SanicthehedgehegSanicthehedgeheg Posts: 4
this is prolly not the right place to ask this, but Oculus Developer support is closed until the 27th and I need some help. thought maybe someone in here might know whats going on. Maybe you experienced the same issue.
In the developer center I cannot login. I click "Sign In" on  developer.oculus.com and my screen just flashes and then nothing. I was able to sign up (at least i think) to be a developer. I went through the sign up process and the it asks me to "continue as Sam Frankelli" but again, nothing happens, or it brings me to a blank dashboard. It is driving me nuts.
The funny thing is I was able to login for the forum here, but if I try to go anywhere else on here it asks me to login. 
Any ideas?


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