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Will you trade a Quest 2 for a Valve Index? (serious and legit)

NextWorldVRNextWorldVR Posts: 41
Brain Burst
edited January 12 in Oculus Quest Development
Allow me to explain,..    I have an urgent need for an Oculus Quest 2.  I have created (over the course of 4 years!) a near AAA game as a Solo dev.  I started working on a CV1 (I was sent a full CV1 kit in 2017 from Oculus) and it finally broke (the cable finally went bad), and rather than show my work before it is done to Oculus or anyone, (to get my CV1 replaced or a rift S) I just went ahead and bought a Rift S. Used. No returns... (I am disabled, in recovery, and in lockdown,. working feverishly though! ;l) THEN I heard that the 'PC VR to Mobile device' linkage cable was more than mere 'Royal Court Rumour! and turning out to be pretty usable.  (How I long to be mobile,. but need one conneted to Unreal engine and the PC at all times,.)   I COULD KICK MYSELF!
I really want to try to make my game Quest 2 compatible,  I listen to all the John Carmack talks and writen down everything he says about Quest 2 requirements and tips fornVR bandwidth etc. I like to check every box that way,..
ANYWAYS ABOUT THAT INDEX RIGHT?  I got it for free, I would not be out any money to do this, and .. I would not mind helping "pass it on" or whatever that is. Pay it forward? The Valve is in great shape.  Perfect lenses, I even kept the shipping original Lens Cover!  The only change, is I MODDED THE FACIAL INTERFACE FOR A LARGE HEAD, IT WAS SQUEEZING ME LATERALLY,.  you can always buy a new $40 interface, and it works fine, looks the same (the Nose Area is ELIMINATED, I liked to see down through my CV1  nosenarea and missed that!

Quest2 ... I would want one with perfect lenses,  I work in HMD's all day.. 
 thank you. 
Robert ('Woody')

Many pictures available upon request.. 


  • NextWorldVRNextWorldVR Posts: 41
    Brain Burst
    Aaaw poo.  I will NEVER get a quest 2... This is an entirely serious offer btw,. it's basically new..
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