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how to detect when a vr player enters 'Resetting Guardian'?

Our software is a kind of training program it's requires a player and a guide.

The problem is that  Oculus rift S sometimes cannot find The boundary area.

Player unfamiliar with VR devices get confused about this situation.

At this point, the guide must know that the player is trapped in a black screen.

I would like to ask if there is a function that can detect the following situations in 'Unity Integration.'

1.When the Oculus rift S is looking for a The boundary area (when the loading indicator appears on a black background)
2. When the Oculus rift S is guiding players to 'Resetting Guardian'
3. When the Player is looking at the 'Oculus home menu'



  • aa5505aa5505 Posts: 4

    it helped!
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