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Anyone having experience about porting from Quest to Pico Neo 2 ?


I'm investigating about porting a Unity 2019.2 VR game targeting Oculus Quest to Pico Neo 2.

The game slightly relies on the Oculus SDK, doesn't use Oculus Touch input, and upgrading to a newer version of Unity is likely to be problematic.

I'd like to know if people here have some insight or experience about this. I know that this is a Oculus and not a Pico forum, but if any other dev has already done this, it'd be great to discuss about what are the main caveats.

I'm not worried about moving from one SDK to another, but I'm afraid there might be some major hardware or software incompatibility that would require a lot of changes in the game, especially concerning the graphics API. A lot of the game graphics features have been tailored to work on the Quest, so if things are too different on that aspect, that would imply a lot of work for our team.

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated!
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