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USB Camera on Oculus Quest 2

ExtremysExtremys Posts: 3
Hi, I'm trying to access and display a stereo UVC Camera plugged into my Quest 2 under Unreal Engine 4, but it seems to be hard, do you provide examples of code or some resources, even under others or the native frameworks? Thank you for your attention!

PS: The camera is well detected I see it into the logs and the app permission for video capture is asked.

UPDATE: Even if i check OK for camera access it'sn't allowed visibly... I understand to be not allowed to access to the embeded passthrough cameras but I don't know why we can't access external plugged camera, it doesn't really make sense...

[2021.01.13-19.35.37:169][  0]LogAndroidPermission: UAndroidPermissionFunctionLibrary::AcquirePermissions
[2021.01.13-19.35.37:170][  0]LogAndroidPermission: UAndroidPermissionCallbackProxy::GetInstance
[2021.01.13-19.35.37:170][  0]LogAndroidPermission: UAndroidPermissionFunctionLibrary::CheckPermission android.permission.CAMERA (Android)
[2021.01.13-19.35.37:172][  0]LogBlueprintUserMessages: [MotionControllerMap_C_27] NO CAMERA ACCESS

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