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Oculus Quest 1 Rendering Glitch In Left Eye

SeanfeeserSeanfeeser Posts: 3 Oculus Start Member
Hello, I am currently developing a Unity Game for Oculus Quest. Game has been in development for about a year now but I am experiencing a new issue. In the left eye, its seems like some materials just get shifted and skewed suddenly, flashing in and out of place. Everything renders fine in my right eye. This only exists in one scene, everywhere else the game runs fine. When I first observed this issue, I was also experiencing poor framerate, so I figured they were related. I have now optimized the scene to have decent framerate (still more work to be done) but I am still experiencing this same glitching problem. 

Here is a video of the issue (sorry for the poor quality): https:// youtu. be/ 8VEjHfAopSs (Won't let me post links so just remove the spaces)

Has anyone experienced this before? I'm hoping to find an answer towards what is happening and how to prevent it. I was expecting it to be tied to the framerate, but this issue seems to persist even as the framerate gets better. I have plans to continue improving the framerate, but I will be in a bad situation if I get the framerate up to standard and still have this problem to solve.

This is Unity 2020.1 using URP. Rendering with multiview setting for Oculus Quest. Using Unity XR and Oculus SDK from package manager. Issue does not occur on Quest 2.

Any help, questions, or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!


  • SeanfeeserSeanfeeser Posts: 3 Oculus Start Member
    Also wanted to add Oculus XR Plugin 1.3.4 was in use. I am trying to update to 1.7 now
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