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Anybody want to do some hydra consulting work?

zlzl Posts: 22
Brain Burst
Trying to solve an implementation challenge - happy to pay for work if anybody has expertise around this - just drop me a pm -


  • nephneph Posts: 40
    Maybe it can be solved for free? Care to elaborate around the challenge?
    "The television screen has become the retina of the minds eye."
  • zlzl Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Thanks for the offer :)

    We are working to get hand movement mapped to an avatars hands and add an option to mirror either the left or right hand movement.

    But no dice so far - anybody played w/this before?
  • zalozalo Posts: 135
    Which engine?
  • nephneph Posts: 40
    I haven't tried mirroring, but that should be easy once you have the basics in.

    I've had success with the Hydra using this lib: https://github.com/Yoda12999/Sixense-Java together with jMonkeyEngine. But this is of course Java.

    What is the problem, you're not getting any readings at all or wrong readings? Or is it getting them mapped correctly with the VR environment?
    "The television screen has become the retina of the minds eye."
  • tubeliartubeliar Posts: 9
    The hydra is real easy to read from Unity. If you've decided on an engine let us know.
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