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Internal vs External VR

SnowtskiSnowtski Posts: 2
edited November 2015 in Game Design
In my mind, there are two types of possible virtual reality. Internal, and External. Oculus, and every other company I have looked in to are currently trying to develop external virtual reality which involves the movement of ones physical body to control the device. Although this is difficult to prefect, it is the obvious choice for our generations technology. I would like to know when and if Oculus is going to look in to Internal virtual reality. This would involve a device capable of intercepting the brains commands to one's physical body, identifying each individual command, and converting them into code. The device would then move the players avatar the way the user would move their physical body. Of course while this device is intercepting the brains commands, the user would not be able to move their physical body. I believe Internal VR is the better choice, and am counting the days until I hear word of actual progress. Although I am only 17, I would like to study into this category and eventually make it my career.


  • I think itd be pretty freakin fantastic if internal virtual reality was possible right now. I like to believe in the next few decades it will be. Though the technology is sort of far out of our hands right now, to my knowledge. Right now im satisfied with staring intently at my screen quickscoping n00bs. But id be a hell of a lot more satisfied if I had enough money for a rift. You know what, if i can walk into mcdonalds, and eat a virtual whopper, and actually taste it, my life would be complete
  • lmaceleightonlmaceleighton Posts: 293
    Hiro Protagonist
    I know, we all want Sword Art Online to be real. But it won't be for a VERY long time. Out technology is just close enough right now, perhaps you great grandchildren might be able to experience. However, it WOULD be awesome, and I am sure that everyone of us would love to try!
    ~B :ugeek:
  • Internal VR wont be possible for at least 20-30 years and i would sooner say that number would be around 50-100 years. Scientist just don't know much about our brain. For engineers to make an internal VR device, they need all specification of brain to make it and even then it would be years of testing before they are approved on humans.
  • wilcoboodewilcoboode Posts: 32
    Brain Burst
    I feel like the first steps of Internal VR can be made way sooner. Devices such as a the emotiv EEG allow the user to "Move By Thinking". While the current versions are still rather expensive and not as responsive / precise as we would want them to be, I think they bring a lot of promise for future development of "Internal VR"
  • CoryKCoryK Posts: 1
    Like others said it's a long way off, but likely less far then we imagine based on some of the work being done with prosthetics could get us partway.

    However if you are interested in the topic and you haven't read it already, check out the book Neuromancer. It's doesn't take it nearly as close to internal vr as you want but it may give a peak at where it could be going.
  • MrMonkeybatMrMonkeybat Posts: 640
    Brain Burst
    Like Cory said this kind of research if it can be done it will come from the medical field those working with prosthetic limbs and paraplegics.

    In this thread viewtopic.php?f=26&t=7695 I asked Steve Perlman whether with higher frequencies P cell radio cells could be made small enough to stimulate individual nerve fibers, he declined to comment.
  • blumblum2blumblum2 Posts: 2
    I would be interested in how software bugs would feel then. Or how it feels if such a system freezes. Or crashes.
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