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motion tracking (camera) dk2

when i stand up, the image i see thru the rift goes a little lower, as though i'm crouching.

when i crouch, the image i see thru the rift goes little higher, as though i'm standing.

it's the opposite of what it should be? any idea's on how i could sort it would be appreciated.

everything else seems ok up to now (got it today)


  • i have sorted it

  • cybereality-ahubcybereality-ahub Posts: 753

    I imagine this was the positional tracking not working at all. Usually this will seem like it's moving in reverse, but it's a perceptual thing. In these cases it's good to make sure all the cables (USB and Sync) are connected correctly and that the camera is being detected in the Config Util.

    Can you also say how you fixed the problem so it can help others?

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