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Runtime 0.7 release date.

Does anyone know when The PC runtime version 0.7 will release? They said August 20TH but I have yet to see it avaialable.

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  • cybereality-ahubcybereality-ahub Posts: 753
    Accepted Answer

    The release is expected to come next week. Thanks for your patience.


  • Crash404nfCrash404nf Posts: 0

    Also wondering that. Been checking since midnight 20th August and still no 0.7? Maybe it is 20th Aug 2016? Hope not :(

  • if this is how vr is going we all in for big trouble

  • It might be unity and unreal intergration.

  • lately I'm having trust issues because of this... they bothered telling us a release date but no news as why they havent pulled through...

  • TapGamesTapGames Posts: 4

    Me too... Checking almost every couple of hours to see if its released! Want to play play play with it!

  • RygadsRygads Posts: 6

    I heard that the reason for the delay was a last minute glitch with "one of the vender's drivers" and they decided to take care of it now rather than tack it into the next update. Good on them for not wanting to release a broken runtime and SDK, but the lack of information on the website and the fact that the developers page still has the big banner for the article with the August 20th release date is a frustrating thing to look at tonight on August 25th.

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