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Why is my battery draining so fast?

TanoniTanoni Posts: 0

Since I downloaded oculus my battery has been going too fast WHILE NOT IN USE. Why is that? I have the Galaxy S7 and it feels like I'm back to my Galaxy S6 it's frustrating to have to keep putting on a charger!


  • KhanradKhanrad Posts: 5

    Android phones have a built in tool that tells you what's draining your battery. It'll give percentages of which apps, and the display, have drained your battery.

  • MradrMradr Posts: 4,178 Valuable Player
    Also note that the Galaxy S7 doesn't have that much more power life over the S6 and if you leave a lot of Apps open and running in the background ~ that will drain the batter fast!
  • gromo89gromo89 Posts: 1
    I've noticed the same thing on my S6 Edge. Samsung Smart Manager says that battery is used up by the system it self but I've noticed that only after installing Oculus Home, witch points me to only one conclusion. Oculus Home runs background services all the time even if you're not using Gear VR. After less then 5 hours it used up 49% of my battery, and network connection used 20% compared to its normal 10% of total battery usage after 36 hours! The only change that has been made to list of the applications on my phone is Oculus Home has been installed.
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