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VR Step Sequencing with Oculus VST + Ableton Live + Unity3D + Leap + DK2

Hey guys, I wanted to share a project I'm working on where you can create virtual step sequencers, use them to drive whatever you can think of in meatspace, and have all the audio processed in realtime via Live + the Oculus VST. 

Let me know your thoughts/questions!

I blab till about 3:30 so feel free to ffwd to there if you just want the goods :)


  • SassotaSassota Posts: 19
    awesome project!

  • alexcolganalexcolgan Posts: 162
    Head writer @ Leap Motion
  • petergiokarispetergiokaris Posts: 170 Oculus Staff
    Hey Timothy, thank you for sharing this project! I am looking forward to how this will evolve.

    Please send us more info and videos so we can watch this grow into something spectacular :)

    Peter Giokaris
    Senior Software Engineer
  • jimajamajimajama Posts: 1
    Amazing stuff! .. is there any update with this? Or a project page type thing to see an outline of the process you went though? I am currently doing my dissertation on Audio in VR and had toyed with the idea of doing something similar to thisee and would be amazing to find out more!

    I have just bought a DK2 and leap motion second hand, also am a very keen Ableton user and I've done a lot if work in 3ds Max, learning unity currently .. can only imagine how complicated the programming side of this must have been!

    Any help at all would be really appreciated! 


  • timothyallantimothyallan Posts: 16
    Hey Jaime,

    Nope, no public updates as of yet. I've got hand controls working now, but I got sidetracked on a few other projects, so this one has taken a back seat for a bit. The video goes through how the entire thing works really, it's just a matter of sending one way OSC from Unity -> Max4Live -> Live to trigger sounds. There's no feedback going back to Unity from Live, so that makes life much easier.
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